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Reaching your Highest Level of Function at Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Center of Boca Raton

Whether you’re a retiree with a lifetime of accumulated injuries, aches, and pains; a “weekend warrior” who tends to overextend; or a member of the workforce whose repetitive tasks have taken their toll—you may reach a point where your joints and soft tissue simply hurt too much to allow you to do all the things you want, and need, to do.

At Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Center of Boca Raton, our goal is to treat patients with the most advanced therapies and restore them to their highest level of function possible, whether their condition results from an illness, acute injury or simple, prolonged wear-and-tear.


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We concern ourselves not only with the restoration of function in a physical sense, but also with helping patients learn to cope with their circumstances if a complete restoration is not realistic.

Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Center of Boca Raton has a wide range of advanced therapies to help our patients heal quickly and as fully as possible. We offer PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy to send their own healing and growth factors to restore damaged joints and tissue. We also offer Stem Cell Therapy, literally a revolution in regenerative medicine that promises to reduce the need for surgery for many people suffering from a variety of joint disorders.

For those whose conditions have required surgery in the past, and who are living with the pain and restricted motion that can accompany the development of scar tissue, we can put our advanced techniques to work for you, too.

At Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Center of Boca Raton, we don’t accept that pain and restricted activities are something our patients have to “live with.” Don’t resign yourself to life on the sidelines. Call our office and schedule an appointment to see if our Rehabilitative Medicine techniques can work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Stem Cell Therapy?

It is an advanced technique for helping your body produce the cells it needs to regenerate, repair, and restore damaged or missing tissue. It can involve the use of donor amniotic or embryonic stem cells, which have the ability to develop into any type of cell needed (blood, bone, muscle, organ, tendon, ligaments, connective tissue, […]

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Does Stem Cell Therapy hurt?

There may be some pressure at the injection site, but the process is fairly quick. You will be giving a numbing agent to help maintain comfort during your treatment.

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Our Doctors

Kevin Berkowitz DPM, FACFAS

Allison Guyen DPM, FACFAS

Olivera Jovic DPM, AACFAS

Consulting Orthopedic Specialists:

Richard P. Giovanelli, M.D.

Facial Rejuvenation Specialist:

Dr. Nicole M. Berger

Patient Reviews
Life Changing!
April 2014, R. Elliot

Dear Dr. Guyen & Dr. Berkowitz, Well….where to start ? It's no exaggeration to say you have truly changed my life, changed my day to day, changed my self-perception….and so much more.....

The Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy creates specialized cells that have a particular life cycle and purpose, like bone or connective tissue. Stem cells can replicate themselves, too, so it is theoretically possible to have an unending supply of these regenerative “machines” that can then divide and be guided to produce the cells your doctor needs to fulfill specific purposes in your treatment.