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Improvement Already

Dr. Berkowitz,

Just put on the “electrocution module” and just for “funzies” and giggles, I wanted to see if the two lower two pads would move my foot. Well they did!!! I can see it twitching with just those two pads! We are making FANTASTIC progress.

I thank you for all you have done for me and will continue to do. You probably hear this all the time, but trust me – you are making a HUGE difference in this world for your patients. We are all better because of your skills.

I thank you again for everything you have done.



Patient Makes it though the finish lineDr Berkowitz innovative toe correction procedure . 5 minutes in the office a lifetime of open shoes!Don’t hide your toes anymore!

Patient Makes it though the finish line

Runner’s Ankle Injury

Made it to the finish line of my half marathon and Ragnar relay race from Miami to Key West ( photo is of my team and I).
Thank YOU!! Couldn’t have done it without you.

I will be back to see you soon, Thanks again!
– Pascale Caplowe

Advanced PRP - Protein Rich Plasma

Advanced PRP and Stem Cell Center of Boca Raton and Miami

ADVANCED PRP – Protein Rich Plasma

The Next Evolution in PRP Injection Therapy

PRP Injections evolved in the last decade from the original Platelet-Leukocyte Rich Plasma (LR-PRP), to various different types of autologous blood by-products…all generally referred to as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Some of these PRP variations have emerged from various theoretical concepts without any scientific merit to their mechanisms of action. A novel theory based upon an autologous blood by-product is being introduced that does have scientific merit in regards to the mechanism of action in the intra-articular capsules for treating mild to moderate OA. This theory is based upon the injection of concentration of the broad spectrum protease inhibitor, Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) from Platelet Poor Plasma.

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15th annual walkathon

The Pap Corps Press

Double the Donations!

Dr. Kevin Berkowitz Steps Up and Creates Our First Matching Gift Challenge

For the first time in The Pap Corps history, we offered a year-end matching gift challenge which raised $34,000. The exciting fundraiser was initiated by Dr. Kevin

Berkowitz and his Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Center. Dr. Berkowitz, who is lauded as a visionary in the field of modern podiatry, began the challenge with a pledge to match donations dollar-for-dollar.

Within the first 48 hours the match had been met! Way to go, Pap Corps! Overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support from our members, Dr. Berkowitz, along with The Marci Leff Foundation and The Pap Corps leadership, increased the matching gift challenge. These new additions caused another

flurry of donations on the website, and by Christmas our members had donated $17,000 which was equally matched by the other donors.

“This has been an incredible year-end campaign,” said JoAnne Goldberg, president. “Thanks to the philanthropy of Dr. Kevin Berkowitz, The Pap Corps launched a new fundraising initiative that generated tremendous enthusiasm through the Corps. We are also grateful to Marcia Leff ‘s family for adding to our challenge, and to the hundreds of members and supporters who contributed to make this fundraiser a success.”

Dr. Berkowitz, who was recently feted as the Man of the Year by the Valencia Pointe chapter, is a leading advocate of The Pap Corps’ mission. “As a doctor I know just how critical research funds are to the creation of new innovative treatments. Through The Pap Corps’ initiatives, doctors and researchers are being given the opportunity to develop ideas that can lead to the next big breakthrough.”

Research matters. The Berkowitz Challenge is just one way that The Pap Corps is creating pathways for community leaders and Pap members to work together to provide funding for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. We are proud to have Dr. Berkowitz on our team.


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The Pap Corps Champions for Cancer Research Honoring Dr. Kevin Berkowitz As Our Chapter’s Man of the Year

Footloose and Cancer Free


Fourth Annual Casino Night November 15, 2014 at 6:00 to 10:00 PM- Valencia Pointe Social Hall

Dr. Kevin Berkowitz

Kevin Berkowitz has worked with his colleagues at Boca Raton’s Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Center to develop a stem cell infusion and injection therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Berkowitz is a Cornell National Scholar, graduating from Cornell University in 1993 before graduating with honors from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine. While at Barry, he attained the Dean’s List and the President’s List for Scholastic Excellence. He has further distinguished himself as an author in such highly regarded academic publications as the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Dr. Berkowitz and his team have been working on developing new techniques of PRP and stem cell therapy through IV infusion therapy, local injection therapy and also by studying a number of orthopedic, arthritic and neurological conditions.

By making use of amniotic stem cells and fat stem cells, they are now able to treat many illnesses that were once not treatable. Previously the trend was to destroy and break down the affected cells by using different types of pharmaceuticals, now the attempt is to reverse the process by regenerating and rebuilding an individual’s own cells. Innovative and cutting edge, it is a new age solution to age-old medical problems.

Stem cells are a distinct group of cells whose function is to facilitate self-renewal and differentiation. These cells are found throughout the body, and a lot depends on their smooth functioning. Unspecialized stem cells have the ability of long-term self-renewal, which is the continuous division of a single cell into two daughter cells. This process lets the body stock a cluster of cells used for repairing itself. Differentiation is when unspecialized stem cells become specialized. It is through differentiation that cells become adept at performing the specific group of functions that they’ve developed into. Powered by such a diverse range of abilities, stem cell therapy has opened up a plethora of new ways of treating numerous medical issues. As stem cell therapy aims at rebuilding various parts of the body instead of destroying it with pharmaceutics, it is often referred to as Regenerative Medicine.

Stem cell therapy is used nowadays to cure a wide range of health conditions. Some of the most popular treatments that make use of stem cell therapy include soft tissue loss, cartilage defects, tumor removal and traumatic injuries that lead to bone loss. Stem cell therapy has also been proven to dramatically cut down healing time by almost 50%! In the realm of podiatry, early application of stem cell therapy has been shown to prevent the need for major surgical operations such as joint repairing and reconstruction.

Dr. Kevin Berkowitz makes the impossible become well, possible. That magic happens every day at his Miami Beach headquarters located at the esteemed Mount Sinai Medical Center. Here, podiatry, foot & ankle care, wound care and innovative reconstructive surgery are practiced with one thing in mind. Next to your heart, your legs are the most important part of the body. Without them, mobility ceases and a life without movement is not something on Dr. Berkowitz’s chart.

We can’t say enough amazing things about all the work Dr. Berkowitz and his team have accomplished. A little bit of old school meets a lot of new school. Dr. Berkowitz stands in a league of his own. He’s definitely not your grandmother’s podiatrist; something he hears over and over from his clients and that makes him chuckle. “I’m the evolution of what’s next in podiatry,” says Berkowitz. “It’s all about prevention, innovative treatment and something else that has gotten lost in modern medicine – listening to your patient.”

And his patients have nothing but the highest praise for all of his hard work and effort.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kevin Berkowitz. I had a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis which included a tear of the Fascia. In addition, I had a partial tear of the Achilles tendon.

I enjoy playing softball, tennis and golf. These conditions not only prevented me from playing these sports, it made walking a painful task.

Dr. Berkowitz performed PRP Therapy on my heel and my Achilles tendon. I was given three treatments. I was amazed that within six weeks I notice significant improvement and after only eight weeks I returned to full sports activities, with no pain.

Dr. Berkowitz is a terrific Doctor. He is very personable and knowledgeable. He explained the procedure and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed.

I would like to thank Dr. Berkowitz and his wonderful staff for an outstanding job!” – Hank

“Dr. Kevin Berkowitz, I will never be able to thank you enough for restoring my ability to walk. Today marks 31 days since my third and last PRP treatment on both my ankles. This past December I read an article about Dr. Berkowitz on a plane. The following week I called his office and briefly explained how I had been living in horrible pain for going on 3 years, had seen multiple physicians, tried numerous treatments, steroids, walking casts, orthotics and my condition had only continued to worsen. Within a couple days, Dr. Berkowitz called me, ordered x-rays and then called me again for a phone consult. Did I mention that I live 775 miles from Dr. B’s office? I was treated with an amazing amount of compassion and concern from Dr. Berkowitz and his entire staff. By the end of the second phone call Dr. B. felt he had a solid grasp on my problems that he wanted to confirm with a visit to his office. On January 10th I met Dr. Berkowitz in his office and my life took an amazing turn for the better. His confidence in diagnosing me correctly and being able to offer an effective solution was amazing. I was overwhelmed, though a bit cautious, in my belief that he could be right. The improvement in my pain levels and my ability to walk gradually started to materialize with a short two weeks. Today I can honestly say that 80% of my pain is gone. I am still attending physical therapy and have work ahead of me to return to my ideal mobility. I’m not running any races yet, but I have lost 10 pounds and I can comfortably walk my dogs around the neighborhood. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. B. !!!” – Kathy Slagle

What are stem cells and what do they do?

Stem cells are unique cells capable of two amazing processes: differentiation and self-renewal.They are found in each and every cell in your body. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Differentiation is the ability to reproduce and develop into any of the more than 200 types of specialized cells in the body. Through differentiation, cells become specialists in performing the specific set of functions they have developed into.

The ability to create multiple copies of themselves is the definition of self-renewal. Self renewal also allows the body to store a pool of cells just for repairing itself.

Given such a diverse set of abilities, stem cell therapy has opened up a whole new world of treating a multitude of medical conditions. This is known as Regenerative Medicine. what-is-a-stem-cell

Soft tissue loss, traumatic injuries leading to bone loss, tumor removal and cartilage defects are among the most popular of treatments with stem cell therapy. It is truly amazing what stem cell injections can do. Stem cell therapy can cut the healing and downtime practically in half and provide exceptional healing. It is as if you were never injured in the first place! Researchers have also concluded that in the podiatric field, early introduction of stem cells can oftentimes result in prevention of major surgery, including joint repair and reconstruction.

Rejuvenating the cell population of the injured or damaged tissue with stem cells along with the correct care can lead to a full and fast recovery.

Questions about Stem Cell Therapy? Call Dr. Kevin Berkowitz, the global leader in stem cell therapy for the foot and ankle at (305) 695-7777

How Stem Cells Benefit Wound Healing


Chronic non healing ulcers have been hard to cure because the body can’t create cells to fill the void and help the wound heal, that was until now.

At Advanced Prp & Stem Cell Center of Boca Raton, Dr. Kevin Berkowitz and his team are utilizing stem cell therapy, whether it is for your foot, ankle or leg to speed up the rate of recovery and the results are outstanding.

Stem cells are changing the world of Podiatry for chronic non healing ulcers because they are smart cells. They can go inside the wound and determine what cells are lacking and then they can become those cells or bring in the cells that are missing.

They are the cure for healing.

Watch here as Dr. Kevin Berkowitz explains how stem cell therapy and wound healing go hand in hand.




Frequently Asked Questions
What is Stem Cell Therapy?

It is an advanced technique for helping your body produce the cells it needs to regenerate, repair, and restore damaged or missing tissue. It can involve the use of donor amniotic or embryonic stem cells, which have the ability to develop into any type of cell needed (blood, bone, muscle, organ, tendon, ligaments, connective tissue, […]

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Does Stem Cell Therapy hurt?

There may be some pressure at the injection site, but the process is fairly quick. You will be giving a numbing agent to help maintain comfort during your treatment.

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Life Changing!
April 2014, R. Elliot

Dear Dr. Guyen & Dr. Berkowitz, Well….where to start ? It's no exaggeration to say you have truly changed my life, changed my day to day, changed my self-perception….and so much more.....

The Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy creates specialized cells that have a particular life cycle and purpose, like bone or connective tissue. Stem cells can replicate themselves, too, so it is theoretically possible to have an unending supply of these regenerative “machines” that can then divide and be guided to produce the cells your doctor needs to fulfill specific purposes in your treatment.